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Get to know the lady behind the bubble


Picture it, Los Angeles, 2000...

Hi friends & welcome to my very own website! 

I was born in West Hollywood, California as the only child of a single, actress Mother. Growing up, she made sure to give me a strong education in all things entertainment, and taught me how to watch, love, and study comedy.

I caught the acting bug at the age of 7. I guess that bug turned into the flu because I started theatre and voice the very next year.


It wasn't until 2010, when my Mom and I packed ourselves, the dogs, and the guinea pig into the Prius and moved cross country to the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia when I really developed my passion for Musical Theatre.

In 2018, I found my way to Berea, Ohio in pursuit of my Bachelor's of Music in Musical Theatre at Baldwin Wallace University.

While at BW, I became an advocate for the inclusivity of fat and larger bodied people in theatre. I strongly believe that any person, regardless of size, gender, race, or age can and should be represented on stage, and not just in comedic roles. You can take the girl out of Tracy Turnblad but you can't take Tracy Turnblad out of the girl...

I'll be graduating May of 2022 and promptly making my final big move to New York. 

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